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 Dec 2011 - Abbadon counts

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PostSubject: Dec 2011 - Abbadon counts   Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:09 am

# = 1 Count
+ = 1/4 Count (when you reach 4 "+" I will delete em and make a full count "#" for it)

Rule: (this rule is active backwards from 1st November 2011)

For each successful Abbaddon you get:

- for Seavoys(=sv): each Member gets 1 Count for his sv,
when he/she:
-- use at least 1 seavoy(=sv)
-- don´t die in the first minutes
-- isnt to much afk on sea
-- doesn´t act weird! (thunder on harbour for fun etc.)

- for Mainchars: you get 1/4 Count (so 4 abbas with main char = 1 full count), when:
-- you help to kill the abbaddon bosses
-- you dont act to weird (listen to global mods, gl and especially listen to the choosen killer, wait for the members that needs the abbaddon bosses for their Revial Quests)

You can redeem 1 bd heart for each 5 Counts!!!
(the list will be updated weekly, i try^^)
=> You can use the redeemed bd hearts for what ever you like.
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Dec 2011 - Abbadon counts
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